Below is explained how the grill is prepared or built


1st step

Place the grill on a suitable surface in transport position


2nd step

Unfasten and remove forks by opening the connectors


3rd step

Put the lighter in the ash drawer and in the coal chamber


4th step

Charge coal


Now the side parts are locked again with the help of the forks, so the grill is completely prepared
and ready to transport.


5th step

Construction on site:

... Once you have arrived at the desired location, the grill can be set up without tools in a few minutes in less than a minute.


6th step

As described above, remove both forks and keep them at hand.
These can be used later to release the food from the spits.
Furthermore, they serve as a fork and as a bottle opener.
Now lock the feet (if required) with the connectors.


7th step

The side parts (with or without the feet)
in the provided connectors
hang on the short sides of the grill

Check if the grill has a firm footing,
if necessary, put the feet into the ground by applying slight pressure.

About the holes in the sleeves can compensate for unevenness in the ground.
The grill is now ready for use and can be lit.


8th step

Take off the ash drawer and light the lighters in it


9th step

The position of the ash drawer controls the oxygen supply.
Once the lighters burn completely, insert the ash drawer 90%,
so that sufficient air supply is provided.


10th step

The grill now glows by itself.
The time to complete annealing of the coal can be used to prepare the food.


11th step

If necessary, the grease trays can now be placed in the lower part of the grill.
These can be filled with water to prevent burning down of the dripping fat.
Depending on your preference, they can also be filled with beer, wine or herbs.
Thus, the grilled food is permanently in the rising vapors of the liquid.

Enjoy the meal.