To determine the material and to check the ignition behavior, a professional temperature measurement was carried out.
For this purpose, two grills were filled with different coals.
Beach coals of coconut shells were used on the left side,
on the right Greekfire coals of olive wood.
Both grills had to be painted black for this test,
because the thermal imager is extremely sensitive to shiny surfaces,
and thus the measurement result could be falsified.

Result: Both ignitability and temperature exceeded our expectations.
The beach coals also convinced by their extremely low-smoke combustion
and the high temperatures of almost 800 ° C.

The sophisticated design, the heat is down
and very well shielded to the skewer holders,
thus it can be grilled on appropriate tables.
Should it be necessary to move the grill including glowing coal
this is also possible without any problems.
He can check the temperature with the palm of his hand
be taken and transported at the skewer holders.